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Working at Bosch
The ideal working conditions to succeed

Marginal Column

Work and family – with us you can fit in both

We help you to balance the demands of a career and a family. Read up on our solutions.

Strength in diversity

Find out about how and why we say yes to cultural diversity.

Well-rounded preventive healthcare for all-round wellness

We put the care in healthcare – both in the workplace and beyond. Find out how we can help.


Get an impression of what makes working at Bosch so special – above and beyond your job.

Choose a topic:

Diversity and equal opportunity

We pull out all the stops to ensure that our employees are offered the same opportunities and working conditions around the world. Because this strengthens us for the future.


Work-life balance

Work and your private life need to fit together. With you, we identify the solution that strikes just the right balance for you and for us.

Compensation and preventive healthcare

We pay you for the work you do on the basis of a fair and transparent model. We also invest in your health, as we want to work with you for a long time.