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Fostering your every facet


Our philosophy


At Bosch, we value your specialist knowledge – just as much as your ability to pull together with coworkers and set the right priorities. This attitude is also reflected in our approach to training: We know there is more to you than your field of expertise, which is why we help you develop all of your qualities – both personal and professional.

Thanks to our systematic competence management, we determine the areas in which each of our associates requires training. In this, we consider hard and soft skills to be equally important. Hard skills include technical and business prowess while methodical, social, entrepreneurial, and leadership abilities are regarded as soft skills – without them, your specialist knowledge cannot be effectively applied.


Our training offerings


Our courses

Our courses

Keep your knowledge and skills up to date. Whether you need to brush up on the latest in business or technology, working methods, communication skills or project management, one of our diverse range of seminars will get you up to speed.